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The ultimate resource library of workflow tutorials, resources and other tools to help you transform your virtual assistant or blogging business. Each and every item added to our VIP Lounge has one specific purpose: to make YOU money!

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Created for Virtual Assistants & Bloggers

The Rocking VIP Lounge creation team all share one thing in common: they are all bloggers AND virtual assistants. Well, that and they all have a sincere emotional attachment to coffee!

Providing affordable, expert training that connect the two worlds of Bloggers & VA's is important to us!

We Will Show You Invaluable Services To Offer!

Hi! I'm David, and I'm here to tell you that you are about to make an amazing step in your Blogger and/or Virtual Assistant Career in signing up for our Awesome Rocking VIP Video Site!

Sadie and I have been virtual assistants for many years, and have found HUNDREDS of ways to make money online by helping  Bloggers and Small Business alike! We are always trying to stay competitive and constantly strive to "Think outside of the box" to create the incomes that we make. Our services we offer make us each over $60,000+ a year! Yes, you read that right! Now we want to help YOU make money by working from home using skills your already have, or these amazing skills that we will teach you! 

Why VIP Lounge?

  • Open 24 Hours For You To Learn
  • Documents and Files To Keep You Organized
  • New Monthly Videos For Services To Offer
  • Awesome Support (we tend to go above and beyond)
  • Content Creation To Inspire You
  • Community Involvement From Other Members

Rockin' Virtual Assistants E-Course VIP Student Discount

We are so excited that you're thinking about expanding your business! We know you've put in a ton of hours in our mentoring group and want to reward you with an exclusive discount. We've created a private payment page just for you! Check out your discount here.

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We have a Virtual Assistant E-Course where you can learn at your own pace! Anyone who takes this course, gets a HUGE discount off of the monthly price! Be sure to check it out. We have HOURS of videos that teach from the start to finish on how to make money, and even HOW  to start making money NOW! Plus so many other additional benefits!

We are serious about your success!

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